In The Middle Of It All

The Midtown Urban Renewal District surrounds Bozeman’s North 7th Avenue corridor. The Bozeman City Commission created the District to address statutory conditions of blight through redevelopment of the District. The intent of the Midtown District is to attract targeted private investment to support infill, increase density – with an emphasis on building more housing, provide retail that serves surrounding residents, and enhance multimodal transportation and walkability. As a Tax Increment Finance District, we aim to increase the taxable value of the area to provide a more robust tax base for the entire community. View Boundary Map


The southern end of the Midtown District intersects with Main Street, which serves the traditional downtown core of the city. The Main Street area is highly desirable for housing, hotel, and commercial activity and is reaching peak redevelopment capacity. As such, growth opportunities and demand are spreading toward the Midtown District, especially at the southern end of the District. At the same time, the Midtown District is surrounded by an established neighborhood with excellent street connectivity and walk score that ties into North 7th Avenue.

District Vision:

The following assets define the Midtown District and shape the opportunities for future development.

• Authentic: Midtown has a unique mid-century heritage with community icons such as Haufbrau, Rainbow Hotel, and the Lewis and Clark Hotel that give the District distinct character.

• Walkable: Midtown is surrounded by urban neighborhoods with tree-lined streets that invite residents to walk and bike to the District. New sidewalks on North 7th Avenue will encourage activity on the street.

• Dynamic: Midtown is home to the BMX Park and quick access to Story Mill Trail. Residents within Midtown don’t drive to recreation spots, they bike there.

• Community: Whittier Elementary School is in the heart of Midtown and connects the District to surrounding neighborhoods.

• Local Gathering Place: Aspen Street is an emerging entertainment district that provides an accessible alternative and alleviates peak demand pressure on downtown. Connecting Aspen Street, the BMX Park and the Fairgrounds with targeted improvements creates an entertainment destination for the community.

Future Development:

As investment in the Midtown District occurs, it is anticipated that it will manifest in more modern design as opposed to the more historic nature of the downtown district. Additionally, the wider width of North 7th Avenue will accommodate larger scale buildings and make the pedestrian experience along the corridor more inviting.

Midtown Action Plan


Tax Increment Finance Assistance

The primary objective of the TIF assistance program is to encourage investment in development and redevelopment of commercial and mixed-use property within the District in accordance with the provisions of the Montana Urban Renewal Law.

Additional District objectives are to:

Applicants to the program may apply for discretionary financial assistance to assist with eligible costs including demolition of existing structures, impact fees and other system development charges, construction and improvement of public improvements or infrastructure.

Technical Assistance Grants

Midtown TAG grants support current or potential developers, property owners, and tenants with technical assistance during the preliminary phases of possible redevelopment projects in the Bozeman Midtown Tax Increment Finance (TIF) District. This program facilitates navigating code requirements, assessing the feasibility of sites and building designs, and preparing for the planning application and approval process. Grant monies are available to developers, owners and tenants to further stimulate investment in Midtown Bozeman, while encouraging a higher level of quality and design in the urban renewal district.


The Midtown Urban Renewal Board sponsored the creation of streamlined form-based zoning districts to ease the implementation of the community vision for Midtown. Community Commercial – Mixed (B-2M) Zoning features allowable ground floor residential, reduced parking requirements, and a robust mix of uses. Find out more about the Community Commercial – Mixed (B-2M) and Residential High Density – Mixed (R-5) zoning designations.

District Documents

Incentive Application Materials

*Please note: Grants made under the N7 Technical Assistance, and Midtown TIF Assistance programs must use vendors, consultants or contractors selected in a manner consistent with the City of Bozeman’s purchasing policy.   For questions about the policy and selecting your project team, please contact David Fine in the Economic Development Office at 406-582-2973. 

*Effective February 3, 2017, only Technical Assistance Grants will be available under the N7Rehab Program. 


The Bozeman Midtown Urban Renewal Board (MURB) holds its meetings the first Thursday of each month at 4:30 p.m. and occasionally holds additional noticed special meetings. Meetings are held at Bozeman City Hall, Madison Conference Room, 121 North Rouse Avenue, unless otherwise noticed.


The City of Bozeman Economic Development Department administers the Midtown Urban Renewal District.

PHONE: 406.582.2973
PO BOX 1230, BOZEMAN, MT 59771